Courses I've Taken at RPI

Computer Science
Course Code Course Title
CSCI-1100 Computer Science I
CSCI-1200 Data Structures
CSCI-2200 Foundations of Computer Science
CSCI-2300 Introduction to Algorithms
CSCI-2500 Computer Organization
CSCI-2600 Principles of Software
CSCI-4020 Computer Algorithms
CSCI-4100 Machine Learning from Data
CSCI-4150 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CSCI-4210 Operating Systems
CSCI-4220 Network Programming
CSCI-4260 Graph Theory
CSCI-4380 Database Systems
CSCI-4430 Programming Languages
CSCI-4440 Software Design and Documentation
Course Code Course Title
BIOL-1010 Introduction to Biology
MATH-1020 Calculus II
MATH-2010 Multivariable Calculus and Matrix Algebra
MATH-2400 Introduction to Differential Equations
MATH-4020 Introduction to Number Theory
MATH-4600 Advanced Calculus
PHIL-2140 Introduction to Logic
PHYS-1200 Physics II
Humanities and Social Sciences
Course Code Course Title
ECON-1200 Introductory Economics
ECON-2010 Managerial Economics
ECON-4130 Money and Banking
LITR-4410 Film Theory
PSYC-1200 General Psychology
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